The Spring Clean!

Is it too early to allude to that annual interior redesign that has happened since records began?  The tradition born of necessity,  when the days grow longer but the sun is still low? Ah the sun! Its rays determined to pierce every nook and cranny of our humble abode and expose the areas we haven’t been motivated to reach during winter. That lengthy, arduous season where it is the best we can do just to avoid the flu!

Here I stand, tentatively spotting signs that spring is not too far round that corner, so I have decided to hurry it along. How? By doing a pre-spring clean, clean!

I call you to arms! Join me in a cleaning, clearing and decluttering revolution. No more rain dancing! Lets call on Spring, make nature want to start refreshing and restoring too. It is time! nature-sunset-water-sun


Every girl needs a chaise!

How would you describe the dream client? A discerning woman, with good taste, pregnant with her first child (a girl), just moved into a new house..sounds about perfect to me! To be asked to design a nursery for a little princess who is currently growing in her first home, was an absolute dream.

My client had already chosen beautiful french style white furniture to fill the nursery and wanted a classic romantic theme. So exciting to shop for a dream room. I love children’s rooms to have things in them that will grow with the child. A room with items in it that will be there throughout their childhood, through to when they move out. In this schemecompact chaisethe key item I see this little girl growing up around and eventually taking with her when she is all grown up is the velvet mini chaise….oh so exciting. And in it’s first stage its not just for baby! How much easier will those nighttime feeds feel when Mummy is reclining back on her chaise with a nice cosy blanket and the warmth from little one. It sounds almost good enough to wake her up for that feed, instead of waiting for her to call! Like I said, every girl needs a chaise!

E-decoration E-design – Interior Joy is born…

viewlogoI have been playing with the idea for the last five years of restarting my Interior Design business. I knew exactly what direction I thought it should go in, it was to be mainly set in the virtual world, the internet.

Finally I have found a way through being only Mummy, back to being Interior Joy. I sat down this evening and polished off my business plan. A business that will deliver bespoke Interior Design Schemes to my clients, we’ll never meet in person, instead they will email me a picture of the room in question and its dimensions. I’ll then send them my newly written questionnaire and once they have returned that filled in I will set to work on creating their bespoke plan. All for a one off fee.

That plan will then arrive through their door within a fortnight. Containing

  • a floor plan to show exactly how the room should be laid out to its best effect
  • a mood board uniting all the elements on one page to show how they work to create a cohesive design
  • and of course a shopping list that will logically lead through the design for the client to use as and when it suits their budget.

I believe this is the future of Interior Design! And I’m very excited about it!!!

Please let me know what you think!


Make room for boys…

So I’m a proud Mummy of two handsome boys, N & N. If they were a popular confectionary of a similar name usually consisting of chocolate and peanut then my oldest N would be the chocolate, sweet and consistent, and my youngest N would be the peanut, a bit nutty.

These two boys share a room and it needed to be fun…something to help chocolate N be a little less consistent, a little more caution to the wind. Something to help peanut N contain his wild imagination with four walls so it did less collateral damage outside of those… So we started with a bunk bed, a built in wardrobe and their favourite colours. Chocolate N loves red, Peanut N loves blue. They have shared interests in cars, motorbikes and football after that Chocolate N loves Lego…consistent, Peanut N loves snakes, insects and spiders…nutty.

We did the simple things first adding cool car pictures, haynes manual mini curtains and then it was time to let our imagination run. Something for exercise, something for imagination. A beautiful rock climbing wall answered our exercise plans, we painted it in a bright orange and used the brilliantly bright coloured holds to punctuate the expanse. It looked amazing, and even better the boys loved it. We placed a ladder next to it so that they could easily access it if they couldn’t find an easy hold.

For imagination, we looked at the bunk bed. My husband and I being big Volkswagen fans the answer became obvious that bunk bed needed to be a camper! A big red split screen camper van that the boys could sit in and on the “roof” off having adventures scripted by Peanut N and given rules by Chocolate N.

Boys rooms are fun…make room for boys!

A little Hello…

This evening I decided to take the proverbial plunge and start an interior design blog. A little space where I can share my passion for a comfortable and beautiful interior. My interest in Interiors started when I was very young, constantly rearranging my bedroom furniture, trying out paint effects, I loved to play with a space and see what could be accomplished within any four walls.

My other passions all spill into and influence the way I plan and design my home, this means that as you walk into and around my home you should gain a clear picture of who I am. That should be the aim for every interior, to be an introduction and to weave a story as fascinating as the individual who lives there. If your home doesn’t yet tell your story then please keep reading. Within this blog I hope to bring beautiful designs, stunning ideas and the tips to bring them off the screen and into your room.

The best part? If you want a design that really reflects your personality, then you are the best interior designer for the job, just come here and if you like what you see or read then it is a gem for your home.